Friday, October 31, 2008

Flight through the night

Wednesday afternoon and I was busy tidying up around the house. Carrie was playing with her toys and interrupting me at every possible moment she could. She thinks I should sit down and play with her; her playmate so to speak. I try to explain to her that I have things that need to be done but in the end I cave and sit and play imaginary games with her.

The phone rings and it's hubby calling from his job in Texas. Seems his truck decided not to start and after having it towed to the Ford Dealership, he found it needed a modulator which had to be ordered so he was without a vehicle. He did try to rent one but the rental car agency told him he needed to "apply" for a rental two days in advance. We are still wondering what the reason for this may be but nonetheless..he needed something to drive.
I quickly packed a suitcase, had April come and pick up Carrie and I made a dash to Henderson, Tx. 4 1/2 hours later I check into the Baymont Hotel and wait for hubby to get back to town. He is now using my car to go to location and I'm relaxing in the hotel room. This is the only time I really slow down. No walls to paint, rooms to work on and no housework to do. I actually like these breaks. This morning I took a long hot bubbly bath then did a pedicure. With my bright sparkly toe nails freshly done, I feel like a new woman! If I were at home I would not have taken the time to pamper myself. This is a much needed respite. I have books to read and the laptop powered up and a huge King size bed to sprawl on and take long naps. is good!

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