Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We Are Survivors!

I did the weather check this morning. Popping open the door just a bit, I extended my foot beyond the threshold. Yep! It's a cold morning. It was 0300 when I did this check. I woke and relocated to the sofa , covered up with a blanket and flicked on the television.

For the past few days I have been experimenting. I have never been one to spend time in front of a television, not because I'm a television snob but simply because I can't sit still long enough to watch it. I'm clueless as to what is where as far as channel viewing goes. I'm seldom curious about what others are watching though I recognize those shows they mention when I see a commercial for them. Usually what I'm watching is in reruns.  I've made it a point to check out "On  Demand".  I can go back in time and catch some shows that aren't on in the daytime. I"m resting as ordered and resting is very boring. I'll use this time to see some of the evening TV shows that I've missed for the past 10 yrears!

Shows that have been running for 5 years and are still being shown are what I'm viewing. Some of the shows are new ones and I've committed my self to catching up. The Big Bang Theory, Michael J. Fox, and Grimn kept me occupied yesterday. I'm going to give each one a view and my own critique. 

I'll confess. I'm one of the few people that never finished the movie "ET" and "The Wizard of Oz." It would be easier to list the shows and movies I've seen then the ones I haven't. I can entertain myself with television because what is in rerun is a first run for me. 

It's very quiet around here. Should I be concerned?

The husband is still "quit" and we don't discuss anything to do with "it". I haven't noticed much change in his behavior. I thought when I was going through mine, that everybody could see the internal jitters that went on during that first two weeks. Maybe it was just that, an internal thing.

My healing continues. Usually during the afternoon is when I notice the stinging and burning from my right axillary area and arm. This, I know, is from the lymph nodes that were removed. The axillary is swollen while the muscle to my right underarm is a bit flaccid. Hopefully, as time passes, this will mend. I do have full range of motion to both upper extremities. Tomorrow I visit the doctor to check on the staples/stitches.

Carrie has enjoyed her lunch and a movie. 

I've already warned her about my plans for both of us to have an afternoon nap. She can take her book to bed with us and read until she gets sleepy. NO TV. 

I'm gone for a while. Done!

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