Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tic Toc....Time's up!!

It is now almost 0600 hrs. My mouth feels as though I've crammed it full of cotton balls. The tags on the lamp, the fridge and the coffee pot reminds me that I'm not allowed to drink anything.

I have to be at the surgery center in 2 hrs and 15 minutes. My next stop will be a shower and dressed.

How do I feel? I wavier between relief that this part of my journey has arrived and will soon propel me into the next part of this trip I must take to a few tears.
 My health worker background causes me to question every step I travel and will it all be just wasted effort. I suppose that's my main hangup about doing any of this. Sometimes being "blissfully ignorant" would be a relief from my mind that never stops reeling.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by the phone calls and visits I received. Friends from Wyoming, family from WV, Texas, and Arizona made phone calls or left messages on Facebook and Facebook friends posted their good wishes. Thank you one and all.

Tic's time.

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