Friday, November 22, 2013

I Had a Dream OR No More Ambien

I've decided to give up Ambien. I started last night.

Sun, sand and summer! The house was huge and familiar. It belonged to a friend and I had visited a few times. We were here to take possession. I'm not interested in all the legal machinations. That would be the husband
s department. I wanted to check out the pool, the paint colors and the kitchen again.

My next recollection of this visit was the walking. Down the beach away from the house, we kicked sand with our bare feet, dodging in and out of the foamy white waves. The walk extended on into the streets away from the beach and into the housing area.

I was alone. It didn't occur to me to look for the husband. That came later. The little car I was driving halted while I asked the youth beside the road for directions. I must have moved to the passenger seat because he was now driving and until the police cruiser was noticed ahead, I had him pull the car over and took over the driver's seat again.

We moved on into the center of town. A police officer directed traffic, we waved at him as we moved through the intersection. His long curly brown hair slipped out beneath the billed cap he wore. Shorts and t-shirt and sandals boasted the fact that uniforms were unnessary in this beach community.

The car was gone and a bike was my means of movement. I went looking for the house. Up and down the streets moving from one section to another, finding the house again was impossible.

No segue into the next scene, but suddenly I was back down to the beach area walking again with the husband. We met a couple, distraught as we were, we told them we had lost our house. I went on to explain, we just couldn't find it. They walked and walked with us, stopping once to buy some beer and moving on. I had no cell phone nor purse so I couldn't call the daughter or any friends. The young lady let me use her cell phone and the only telephone number I had memorized was my friend in Wyoming.

I dialed, she answered. I listened for a while to some problems she was having and then told her I needed her to call the daughter's number and explained to her what was going on. By this time my stress level was through the roof.

I popped up to a sitting position from where I was laying on the sofa. The TV was on some entertainment channel. It took me a few moments to realize the dream I was having. I seldom dream or at least I don't remember them. I immediately grabbed the laptop and opened it to a blank email. I took notes on the dream; writing a few words to describe some of the scenes.
I remember vividly the jeep stranded in high tide, the driver with cell phone in hand calling for help while I was on the borrowed cell phone calling my friend in Wyoming.

Where DO these dreams come from? This is not the first time I have decided to stop taking Ambien but this is the first time I've had such vivid dreams the same night.

Would I consider this a nightmare or just a dream? There were no monsters nor insects that were huge and long legged. The helplessness was the biggest stressor in this story.

That's my story, disjointed as it was, it all made perfect sense until I woke up.
It's time to collect Carrie and deposit her at her school. The weather is supposed to go through extreme changes today. The rains are to be heavy followed by cold weather by the weekend. We will go from the high of 78 to a low of 34 by tonight. I have shopping to do for Thanksgiving dinner and a turkey to take out of the freezer.
I'm done and gone.

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