Thursday, November 14, 2013

The "Quit" Continues

He insists "it's a piece of cake".  I know better but I just nod and smile. I've mentioned a few times that I'm proud of him, thinking this bit of encouragement couldn't hurt. That's when he insists "it's a piece of cake."

I notice that the subject comes up a few times during the day. The daughter was obsessive about mentioning them when she was going through her "quit'. Five months later, she never mentions a cigarette which indicates to me she is finished. I'm still impressed by my own 'quit' and equally  impressed by hers. I think she quit because of monetary reasons; I quit because I hated the thought of being addicted to anything and the health reasons.

I'm taking it easy. For the past two days I've decided I might need to rest more. The only reason for this is because I'm causing much amazement from family and friends on my activity level. I'm told by everyone that I might be over doing it. Although I see no reason to not be up and about and doing some housework, I'm scared that should something go awry with the surgery, I'll be hearing some "I told ya so's." 

Early this morning, I peeked out the door. Across the street, the neighbors has set a tall chest of drawers at the roadside. I shut the door and promptly opened it again to get another look at that chest. What IF it was a solid piece of furniture? Nothing is made of solid wood these days and if it were the price would be so prohibitive, the average person couldn't afford it. I had to check it out. 

Across the street I went in my nightgown and robe, and bare footed. After checking it out, this solid wood chest had all the drawers intact and in good condition. I tipped it on it's side and tried to drag it across the road to my carport. Immediately, the neighbor guy appeared and he lifted one end of it and we both carried it across the road. I thanked him profusely. I wish I were two months post op. I'm ready to change the paint color on it and get it to April's house. 

That's when I made the decision to take it easy today. I don't think post op instructions included hauling furniture around. I've rested the remainder of this day and stayed in front of the television or online.

Clinically:   The drains have slowed down but still not to the point where they can be removed. I am still sore and the incision site beneath my right arm burns and will occasionally have a short sharp pain.  I have an appointment on Monday to see the PA at the surgeon's office for a dressing change. The Cancer Center called and scheduled an appointment for December 4th. I'm assuming I  will be resuming chemo. What a shame. My hair is just beginning to grow back. 

It's medicine time and time to drain the JP's, eat a Lortab and get ready for bed.

I'm done for today.

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