Thursday, November 28, 2013


I started this morning. There is no rush as the dinner won't be served until 1400 hrs. and there isn't a big bird cooking but a big turkey breast that will take about 2 hrs. in the oven. The ham was sliced and the brown sugar and cinnamon glaze poured over it.

I put together all the side dishes to be slipped into the oven an hour before the meal.
The daughter arrived and set to making a few appetizers. The house is filled with the aroma of cinnamon, pumpkin and roasted turkey.

The daughter has brought along her two God children. They are 3 yrs. and 5 yrs. old. Their mother had to work today so they will spend the day with us. 
 In and out of the house they go to play in the leaves in the back yard. I watched as they grabbed the rake and tried to gather all the leaves into a pile. Carrie is 8 yrs. old and she watches over them as a big sister would.
 It's cold here but the children don't seem to mind. I'm sure we were the same as children.
We are waiting on one more grandchild to arrive and dinner will be served. I'm ready for some dinner and a nap to follow.
I have received holiday wishes from Facebook friends and family, telephone text messages and a few actual voice calls from family and friends. The best part of the holidays is being in touch with these people.
Here's hoping you are having a good friendly holiday for family and friends.

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