Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, and a Visit to the Surgeon

It's that time. November 4th and an early appointment with the surgeon. I will find out today the details surrounding this upcoming surgery. Right now the only thing I know is the surgery date on Nov. 7th. I'll be informed of the procedure and the time to arrive at the hospital and how long I will be hospitalized. I've talked to women that have only spent the day, some had an overnight stay and some were there for 3 days.

The husband has an appointment with the dentist this afternoon and a urologist tomorrow morning while I have an appointment with  a new GYN doctor. Mine retired after being my doctor for over 20 years. We will be busy this week, to say the least.

Moving my arms above chest level will be impossible. No t shirts or pullover tops so  I have gathered button down shirts from the closets and hung them at waist level on a stand in the laundry room. Elastic waist pants will complete my "dress up". For home,  silk pajamas lay across the guest bed; easier to slide in and out of bed with silk pajamas. I've been warned that I will be able to do every little with my hands and arms after this surgery. Even opening a child proof medicine bottle will be impossible. I will have drains that will have to be milked, emptied and measured.

I keep telling myself, "six months from now, this will be but another memory". I usually make it through major surgery repeating this mantra.

I'm off to make a pot of coffee, watch the news and wait for that visit with the surgeon.
To be continued at a later date.  

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