Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 6 Unwavering Quit and/Day8Post Op

We should have scheduled the quit and the surgery on the same day. It would have been easier to track our progress.

Clinically I have some neuropathy on the right side in the axillary area and with that a burning sensation. Both of these side effects are not uncommon for this surgery. I've talked to others with the same results and this might take months for the nerves to regenerate or might never have full sensation and the decrease of the burning sensation.

We are weathering the "quit'. The husband said "after we get you fixed I'll quit." Two days after I was released from the surgery center, he quit.

I can't help but be hyper aware. I am not being obvious but only aware of any behavior that can be translated into anxiety or discomfort from the addiction part of this quit.

I'm just observing and not questioning. It's hard enough to try ignoring something that has been a part of your life for most of your life. I feel the same way about my breasts.  As I pass a mirror, I might glance and then look again. My body has changed and it's something I must get accustomed to. I don't mourn the loss nor think my reflection looks worse then it did before. It's just different. Of course I'm talking about my reflection with clothes on. I still haven't inspected my bare chest. I've found this is not uncommon with women that have had this surgery. Sometimes it takes a month before the patient is ready and the doctors and staff do not push the patient.

I'll be doing a dressing change today after I clean the site. The drains are gone so I'm now allowed to drive and to shower. I'll approach this confrontation as has had to be done with each step in this journey; one day at a time.

I'm also watching the mess that is the Affordable Care Act. I myself have been attempting to use the web site to check on and compare the insurance I have with what is available. Supposedly it is being adjusted and a fix is promised but thus far I haven't been able notice much improvement. I'll be moving to  Medicare on the first day of February 2014 so this will only affect my husband's policy. Blue Cross/Blue Shield was able to grandfather our policy in as it was in effect since 2010. I think that is the cutoff date that will let the old policies slip beneath the limbo pole.

A better fix for this mess would have been a single payer policy as in Medicare for everyone. That would have been too easy for this administration to come to an agreement. Hurray for Europeans that know how to do it. Ba Humbug  to the great USA for the special interest groups that really run our government.

I may add more to this later. I'm finished for now.

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