Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday, Day 5 of Quit and The Drains are GONE Baby!

I'm a free bird today. The drains were removed and I was given permission to drive my car. As soon as we got home, the husband parked, I slipped into the driver's seat and I was gone!

I drove to the school and entered the lunch room. Carrie wasn't seated with her class. She was sitting at the visitors table and her mother was seated with her. When she looked up and saw me walking toward her, her face took on a shocked look. Her mother, watching her with her back to me, turned to see what was causing Carrie's expression.

We chatted through lunch. A few of the teachers approached with their delight at seeing me back. On the way out of the school, we stopped in the library. It was great getting back and saying hello to everyone.

I'm back at the house and dressed in something lighter weight then what I started out with this morning. It's a bright sunny day and I'm off to the outdoors to watch the husband do some painting.

Oh..and Day 5 of the husband's "quit". I'm keeping my fingers crossed and staying very quiet. I don't want to keep bringing "it" up if he is trying to forget about "it".

I'll feel better about it when he is 5 months out.

I'm gone!

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