Sunday, November 24, 2013

mi Gusto mis manzante

Yes I do! and coming to you from that Apple is a new app I downloaded this morning. I have the answer to my dilemma of not being bilingual. Google Translator app is a marvel. You can either type in your phrase or set the microphone to the "on" position and speak into the iPad. The transator repeats what you said, then translates into a language of your choice! Mi gusto mis internet! (I'll check that to make sure I got that right.
It is cold here! 39 degrees this morning when I rocked out of bed and to the front door. I didn't notice any frost which would be at 32 degrees, the magic freeze number.

Carrie and I are going to make some pecan pies today. The key lime and the pumpkin pies are store bought. Does anyone do all of their holiday baking anymore? I no longer understand the concept of "fully home cooked". I buy the dough balls and pop them into a muffin tin, let rise and bake and VOILA, hot rolls with a minimal amount of fuss.

A turkey breast and a ham will be served here on Thanksgiving and the side dishes are the standards that are served every year. Carrie made sure she got her request in for mac and cheese. She won't eat any green bean casserole, sweet potato puff or mashed potatoes. It's turkey or ham and mac and cheese for her. 
It's time to make that second pot of coffee so I'm off to the kitchen again. 
Another is now 14 days of the husbands quit. I'm so thankful that this is happening. We have all quit here except for Lessie. Hopefully she will be inspired by me, her mother and now her Poppy that have said "no more" to the bad health choice and all the money spent. 

I do NOT harp on them to quit. It had to be a decision they embrace.
It's coffee time. I'm gone.and I'm done!

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