Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shhhhhh, It's a Surprise!

Carrie Lane Elisabeth was born on October 8th. You can't have a surprise birthday party on that date. She is much to smart for it to be a surprise which is the main theme of this party.

We are having it today. The movie theatre is the place. The daughter has rented a room at the theatre and after the party the kids will see a movie. The parents can either go or have a few hours go do what they want.

I'm in charge of getting Carrie to the place of this event. She spent the night with me and is still asleep which brings me to last nights escapades.

The door opened. It was swung open with force. The two women dressed in dark clothing hurried from the patio door across the corner of the living room and disappeared through the doorway into the kitchen. The younger women was whispering to the older woman as they approached the hallway to the bedrooms. I woke up.
I wake periodically through the night and usually am able to go back to sleep. I have heard we dream every night though we may not remember them. Each time I fell asleep last night, my nightmare would continue. Each time I woke up I reviewed that dream. I was awake a lot last night. The scene would change with each continuation of that deam. Sometimes I would be in my car in the driveway as the women approached the house and sneaked inside. I would whisper to my daughter, "Call 911" and would wake up to review yet again this dream. I'm exhausted from last nights activity.

I'm ready to slip back beneath the sheets and, hopefully, get a few more hours of dreamless sleep. 

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