Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend expired

I stayed home the entire holiday. My house guests are leaving for Bossier City today. The carpenter and Stephanie are moving back to Bossier. Her daughter has a sick child and two others to care for and she is alone. Steph and Lige will share living quarters with her until they find jobs and buy a travel trailer to live in. The work Lige was doing won't be available again until November. He is going to look for something that is a little more dependable and stable and long term.

I offered them a bedroom and board while they were here in Lafayette. I know what  it's like to be on hard times and extending a hand never hurt anyone. It worked out perfectly for us. I hired him to do the sofits and fascia. He made some money and I got that part of the house finished. Had he stayed around here longer, I would have found more work for him.

It is still unbearably hot here though we are still running temperatures below those in Casper, Wyoming. I talk frequently with my friend there and she says the heat is continuous. When I lived in Wyoming, as soon as the sun went down, the temperatures plummeted and a jacket and jeans was needed to ward off the cold. No longer is this true. She says she has to run her a/c unit all night long. The residents are looking forward to snow and winter! I'm afraid the extreme temperatures there year round are not for me. We should start cooling off a bit now and in another month, our fall/winter arrives and it's my perfect time of year.

The husband is still on that rig in Farmville, La. If they decide to log that hole after this core run, I may drive up to Ruston and spend a few days. He will be able to leave the rig while the logging is in progress. I'm waiting to hear. I did tell him to let the owner of that apartment on Bourbon Street know that we would be happy to occupy it until he sold it.

I'm going to go dig out a can of paint and a brush. I have sofits and fascia that need my attention! I like to work a few hours in the morning before the sun reaches out with it's blazing tenacles to toast everyone and everything on the outside.

I'm done and gone!

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