Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 14th and the Lydia, La. Food Fest

Yes, it's fall here in southwest Louisiana and what better time to attend a festival. That's what fall is all about here in this part of the state. Somebody should have informed the weather control folks to turn the heat down. We are still hitting the mid to high 90's. This is not the weather I want to be sitting around outside but I did it anyway.

Everyone was heading for the Lydia Food Fest. It's a festival to celebrate cancer survivors and to acknowledge those who  didn't. There are flags lining the road leading into the park in Lydia. The flags are either red or blue. The red flags denote the survivors while the blue offer up the names of the ones that have passed. As I drove by in the roadster, the top down and my bald head protected from the sun by my LSU ball cap, I couldn't help but focus on those that were no longer here. I'm a pessimist. Though everyone tells me how much the treatments have changed since I worked oncology, I find it difficult to embrace this. I drove on anyway.

April met me at the car to collect the canvas chairs I had packed and we headed for some shade beneath the tall oaks in the park. This is the 11th annual gathering and it has grown since the last time I attended it years ago.

The rows were lined with businesses selling all sorts of food items. Even alligator was offered at one of the booths. Tickets were purchased and cool drinks bought. Carrie was with her father strolling the grounds and as soon as we found them, we headed for the face painting booth.

Carrie choose a "Tiger" and I offered up my bald head for some art work. We couldn't use paint. The heat caused too much sweat and moisture and paint do not tolerate each other well.

The paint lady decided to do some "bling" instead. She opened her box of paints and removed the first level revealing sheets of paper holding crystals. Pulling the crystals from the paper, she daubed some glue on each strand and attached them to my head. I was "blinged out".
Carrie was impressed and as I walked around the park, people smiled and complimented the look.

I looked for some shade and a pulled pork sandwich.

My drive to Lydia took longer then the time I actually spent in the park. Carrie was hot and tired and when I gathered my stuff up to leave, she decided to ride back with me.

It's cool in my house and that's where Carrie and I wanted to be. Heat is something both Carrie and I try to avoid at all costs.

Alabama and the Aggies were playing today. It was my goal to get home to watch this game. It was a good game to see. Later LSU and Kent State played but I lost interest when the score became so lopsided. Even though LSU won that game, I barely watched and even gave up before the second half.

Earth events are so strange now. Colorado and the floods that are plaguing Boulder County is something I never witnessed in all the years I lived out west. The winter snows provided the moisture for the rivers and lakes. It melted slowly in the spring causing the rivers to rise and the lakes to fill. I never once witnessed downpours of rain in September. What is going on with our weather? Wyoming has been experiencing record breaking heat for this time of year. They should be having snow in the high country and very cool nights right now. My relatives in WV report 40 degree temperatures at night, while winter cold is already blasting the northeastern states.

Who doesn't believe in "global climate changes"? I shake my head in disbelief when I hear the talking heads on the television deny this is happening.

I'm off to get showered and dressed. Temperatures are predicted to be 93 degrees today. The Saints will be playing so I know where the husband will be today. It's football Sunday and will be the norm for weekends until the season ends. Some of them I watch and sometimes I just go shopping!

I'll make that decision later today. Ciao!

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