Saturday, September 21, 2013

I"m Awake at 0330..There should be a law!

It was all that dozing yesterday. I laid around and dozed on and off with bits of television watching and an occasional trip to the kitchen for food and now I'm awake.

I can hear the rain ticking ticking on the tile floor of the porch. Maybe it's time to put the gutters back up? This rain is forecast through this weekend and brings with it a little cooler weather. I'm all for some cooler weather.

Cooler weather means I just might clean the interior of my car. I'm so over the heat here and ready for some nippy weather.

My nausea has faded a bit and the hands don't itch anymore. Right now my tongue isn't sore so I can eat warm foods for a few more days.

I'm still waiting to hear what date my MRI will be. One more step along this path I'm on and one more step closer to the finish line. I don't really think there will ever be a finish line unless it's the "big one". Once diagnosed, this will always be subject to more tests and checks and medicines. It's not curable but something you try to live with for as long as possible. Those survivors? It's a waiting game unless it was caught very early on.

I met a young 37 year old at the clinic this past visit. She had had a double mastectomy and after radiation will have a reconstruction. She also needs to have a total knee replacement. She can only ambulate for about 4 hrs a day then has to sit down for the remainder of the day. Old softball injuries to her knee has left her needing this TKR.

Our journeys have different detours for each of us. We meet up and acknowledge soberly our treatments, caught in our own webs and making our way through as best we can.

It's our first trip and we don't have itinerary. The next stop is all we focus on. It's much to scary to anticipate the final one.

This post will not be routed through Facebook. It's one of those that will be found from the "regulars" that visit this site. I didn't mean for this to end so maudlin but it appears that is what has happened. I'll let it stand. I don't direct how my posts will turn out. They just happen.

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