Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Morning, Football Sunday

Our rainy weather continues and so does the wonderfully lower temperatures. It was 75 degrees yesterday and my friend Pat appeared at my house wearing a jacket. Really?

"Pat, are you really cold?" and to that she responded, "Yes, I am!" Today is the first day of fall. It might be a long winter for Pat. For me, I'll thoroughly enjoy the cooler temps.

We spent Saturday watching the usual college football games and munching on some Buffalo wings.  I'm in the mood for some Gumbo and some potato salad. My tongue is still tolerating warm foods so I am thinking I should take this opportunity to ingest them while I can.

Carrie returns home from her dad's today and most likely will spend the night here with me. Monday is the day I do the library assistant thing so she will ride to school with me and instead of being a "drop off", I will walk her into the school where we will take different paths for the next two hours. A 40 minute wait after my library duties and I'll spend lunch with Carrie. That has become our routine lunch date since I started my library work.

I could easily curl back up and sleep some more but today I'm going to stay OUT of bed and do a little housework. With the rainy weather, cooking that gumbo and making a batch of brownies sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

It's time for a nice warm shower, some eyebrow shadow and some eyeliner. I now do both of these makeup tricks. My eyebrowLESS face looks absurd with my bald head. A little eyeliner and some eyeshadow blended into "where my eyebrows" usually take up space on my face, it  helps define all that forehead and head space.

That's my exciting plans for this Sunday. I'm done here.

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