Friday, September 20, 2013

September 17th and It's Chemo Day again!

Here I sit all plugged in. The pre meds are running and I'm snuggled down with a nice warm blanket. April is across the room seated and engaged with her iPhone. Text messages must be flying back and forth to and from. 

I reported to the doctor the side effects I was having. She took note of the pheriferal neuropathy, the hives and the increased amount of saliva along with the sore tongue. She may have to change the chemo to prevent more neuropathy. She also is scheduling an MRI and an US in two weeks at LGMC. One step closer to surgery. The results of those tests will determine when.

April has a mammo scheduled for 2PM today. I might not be done here so I've put the husband on alert that he may have to give me a ride home. 

 The clinic is hopping today. The pods are full. The nurses are on the move. We have a full day of clinic visits. I'm posting this and shutting down for the day! 

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