Friday, September 20, 2013

This Week

Monday was depression day. The day before chemo, I get a little wonky and this past Monday was no different. April and I delivered Carrie to her school and then headed for the clinic. We visited with the doctor; she went over the side effects I was having and then spoke about scheduling that MRI and ultrasound. Chemo went off without a hitch and by 1400 hrs we were out of there and headed to St. Agnes where April was scheduled to have her mammo. I was a bit nervous that we might not finish there in time to pick Carrie up at her school. We made it out in time and scurried across town and to her school. Our whole day was spent in clinics.

Two days later I had to go back to the clinic for the usual Neublasta injection. The remainder of the day I spent in bed. Friday (today) again I rested. I was just so sleepy so that's what I did. I slept. My stomach is a little queasy. No complaints. I've seen much worse.

That's my week. Right now I'm watching for all the rain we are promised. Hopefully the temperatures will drop and the lawn will turn green again.

I'm done..and I'm off to curl back up in my bed and sleep some more. Tomorrow I have all intentions of moving around more then I have in the past two days!
I'm gone!

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