Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm getting Lazy on Blogging

It's not like I don't have a lot going on around here but I'm apparently just too lazy to sign in and report. First of all, the surprise birthday party "was".  Carrie had no idea that there was a party at the theatre awaiting her. I had to tell a little white lie...."We are not buying out tickets first Carrie." I said to her. "We are going in this little room where they are giving away souvenirs for this movie then we will buy our tickets."

She bought it. We walked into the theatre where I sent her through the velvet ropes while I checked with the staff on the location of the "party room."  Carrie approached ahead of me and I swung open the door and let her walk in below my arm. The crowd screamed "Surprise" and turned on the lights. She stood stock still. She eyed the room and ran to her mother to be hugged. IT was a success. The cake was cut and the gifts were opened ; tokens passed out and everyone headed for the room with all the video machines. Once the tokens were spent, the movie was their next stop.  Holding their popcorn and drinks they headed for the reserved section of the theatre and quietly took their seats. Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs in 3 D was playing. The adults lined up one row back and directly behind them to supervise. Not one child acted out or got loud much to our relief. The whole event was a pleasant experience! This weekend another 'birthday date" will be held for Carrie. It will be her day to decide what she wants to do. The following weekend will be her actual birthday and the immediate family will gather to celebrate.

Continued of Friday:
Yesterday was the date of my Ultrasound and the MRI. The ultrasound went well. The MRI did not. As soon as the contrast was injected, I started vomiting. The buzzer I held in my right hand was squeezed and the tech entered the room. He hit the switch that slid me back out of the scanner and I continued to be sick for the next 10 minutes. As soon as I could, I dressed and left. I'm sure my doctor that ordered these tests will be notified of my reaction to the contrast. I'm waiting on a call from that office with an appointment on the next step in this journey.

And today we are watching a storm in the Gulf and hoping it doesn't reach hurricane status! It's not predicted to head us dead on but it's really too early to predict.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time in bed. Today I'm going to fire up the lawn tractor and get the mowing done before the rain comes. The husband is still in Texas on his job so I'm in charge of house and yard.
On another note, I've been watching the government's shutdown. I'll just not comment here on that silliness.
I'm done!

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