Thursday, September 26, 2013

And This is The Story

This is highly condensed; a more vivid description omitted. This is not to condemn or add to more hurt.

How can one person's life change so drastically? The trial date was set and the main players appeared. A plea bargain was agreed upon. Plead guilty to two felonies in exchange for the other person's charges being dropped.

The lawyer assured him he would "probably" get off with "time served."  That's not exactly how the story ended though.

It all started when the couple were reported to Child Social Services. Neatness was never their strong point. The children were raised among, shall we say, less then a sterile environment. "Less then sterile" is left up to your imagination and interpretation. The children were removed from the home; the next day in a fit of rage, the father appeared at the school and told the school receptionist "it's no wonder what happened at Sandy Hook happened! It's because of stuff like this!" No weapons were found on him. It was his words; words from a father distraught at having his children taken from him.

The receptionist immediately notified the authorities and the dad was arrested for terrorizing the school. The Sandy Hook incident was but days old. This was not the time to go barging into a school with these comments.

5 felonies were levied. A price was to be paid. He was arrested, booked and jailed with a steep bail which he was unable to raise. Months passed and eventually he was granted release on his own recognisance  but with the stipulation that he would be on "house arrest".

More months passed and finally the court date was set.
 Another arrest and he was back in jail awaiting sentencing.

You may think this is a belligerent, aggressive, abusive and violent person. It sure reads that way doesn't it?

l've known this person all my life. He is rough and unpolished, kind and helpful, non confrontational and very social. He not just likes being around people, but has to be engaged in activity and interaction with others.

I can only hope that upon his sentencing date, he is given "time served" and is released to his family once again.

Good luck brother. My heart hurts for you. Keep your chin up, maintain your cool. I'll be waiting for that phone call that says "Hi sis, how are you doing?" He called me every night to make sure I was alright and to offer emotional support during this "journey" I'm taking.

I only wish there was something I could do to make this easier on his family.

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