Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hands On Fire

It started about 4 days ago. My hands started itching. I would clasp my hands together intertwining the fingers of both hands and wring them to relieve the itch. Of  course scratching an itch only requires more scratching. My palms itch, the skin from the thumb to the middle finger are now reddened and raw. Small bumps have appeared and my hands are swollen, I'm assuming from all the scratching.

I made a trip to CVS and picked up some cortisone cream and a box of benadyrl. Initially I thought the cream was effective forgetting the benadyrl I had taken. After a couple of days, I realize it's not the cream that offers a bit of relief but the benadyrl that holds the itching at bay.

Now my question is "Is this part of a chemo reaction?"
or did I get my hands into some poison ivy?
When one is taking chemo, any adverse body actions have to be questioned regarding the chemo. If this continues, I will call the clinic with some questions. I'm almost positive they will recommend a salve and some benadyrl. I'm on it.

My tongue has finally healed. I can now eat warm and hot foods  and it's almost time to head back for another chemo run!  The tips of my fingers and toes have a bit of numbness but the nails remain intact. My head is still almost hairless but for the fine barely discernible short hairs.  I'm not complaining about the side effects. I feel fortunate that they are so mild.

This is just an update on what is going on with me at this time. It's part of my journal on this journey.

I was hungry for a meatloaf. This afternoon I collected the ground meat and the roll of sausage, blended them together and added the onions, bell peppers and celery and the bread and eggs which were combined and dumped into a loaf pan. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and petit pois along with a few biscuits and dinner was awesome.

The worst part about cooking is cleaning up the mess. I don't mind cleaning as long as I can get out of cooking. It seems unfair that I have to cook AND clean.

The kitchen was cleared while I had the cell phone plugged to my ear. It makes for some distraction while doing this chore. I'm ready for an early bedtime....and that's my update!

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