Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Verdict is IN

Errands to run and a new phone to purchase and to become acquainted with and then back to the house to put the roast in the oven, I was having a busy morning. The telephone rings and my online pal in Florida is calling to tell me to turn on the TV, the one I've left in the off position all day.

I've spent entirely too many days watching the closing arguments of the Casey Anthony trial. I just needed a break and today was that break. The roast is simmering in the oven emitting the smells of garlic and onions while the potatoes are waiting to be wrapped in foil and join the roast.

"The verdict is in!" she breathed and I moved to the remote control on the kitchen counter to hit the "ON" button. It would be 45 minutes before the jury returned to the courtroom with their decision.

I paced around the house doing meaningless chores while I waited. I moved with the sweeper over the living room rug, Windex  sprayed on the glass topped tables while I let my mind run over the trial again and the stories told.
Soon it was time and the jury returned. I sat here on my sofa, barely breathing. I watched Casey stand for her fate. My heart was pounding and I can only imagine what it must have been like for her. Could I have managed to stand on my own two feet waiting and waiting.

Finally the judgement was read. Shocked to silence, I sat and watched Casey's face as the tears of relief came. NOT guilty of all major charges.

My thoughts now go to every child in this country whose mothers decide they are not wanted. I shudder to think about their futures and the punishment of those parents that find their children a hindrance to a lifestyle denied. Be afraid little children. Your death may go unpunished.

And so goes our justice system. Did Caylee get justice?

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  1. No of course she didn't get justice...she never will now.

    I don't blame the justice's much like the one in the UK. They have their faults but I'm not certain how it can improved other than not bringing a case to trial until you have sufficient evidence to convict.

    The prosecution simply didn't have enough. They can't rely on mostly circumstantial evidence because they should know that this will create reasonable doubt. No forensics, no DNA linking Casey to the murder...that's what led to a Not Guilty verdict.

    The jury did the job they were instructed to do...without emotion but with all the evidence available...and there just wasn't the evidence there for a safe conviction.

    There's nothing we can do about it even though most of us feel the verdict was wrong. The prosecution shouldn't have been complacent..or maybe they relied on the fact that Casey had already been tried and convicted in the media over the past few years. This is another issue that makes me mad to be honest...The amount of publicity before's where the UK differs to the US. It helps no-one.

    But bottom line justice for Caylee...poor poor little girl.


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