Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here I Go Again..

I called the daughter this morning and was invited to visit and use the pool. Everyone was getting dressed or undressed, depending on how you look at shedding clothes and puttin on a suit, and hitting the pool.

"It's too hot." I whined. "I'm stayin inside where the cool air lives."  and that's exactly what I did. I promised myself that since the summers here are always hot and I've been here for 21 yrs., I should have accepted this and planned accordingly. I'm resigned and my plan is to stay indoors. That's what the rest of the world here in the south does. I formally give up. "Uncle!" I'm done fighting it. It's already mid July and that's halfway.

Every morning the husband strolls into the living room on his way to the kitchen to get his first cup of coffee that I have brewed. He says as he passes through "What do you want to do today?" Every morning I reply, "Stay indoors!"  By the time he hears my reply he has a cup of coffee and is heading out the French Doors to the patio for his first smoke of the day. We used to spend a lot more time together in this morning ritual until I gave up smoking. I see no point in both of us sweating out there on the patio. Sometimes I do note the advantages of giving up those cigarettes beyond the health advantages. I still miss the social part of it. I don't miss the heat of summer and the cold of winter while trying to 'enjoy' that smoke.

I've evolved into quite the kitchen drudge lately. It's a nice large kitchen with two a/c vents in the ceiling and recessed lighting keeping those vents company. I could care less about the lighting; it's the vents that have captured my affection. Cool air pours forth and what better place to be doing something? That room is usually my less favorite room in the house but since the temperatures outdoors are so cruel, I've decided to spend some time hovering over the stove.

Right now I have two cookie sheets filled with oatmeal cookies in the oven and two more trays waiting their turn. Oatmeal cookies always remind me of when I was a kid and that's the only cookie mom could make because she always had oatmeal in the house. Oatmeal for breakfast and dessert of it too. I plan on making oatmeal ice cream sandwiches with these cookies so they are baked huge.

1 hr. later:

The cookies are finished and I'm out the door to enjoy our lovely weather of heat, humidity and rain. I'm facing the weather with a positive attitude. I'll have to change my outlook on the summers here since the weather isn't going to change it's behavior.
I'm done.

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