Friday, July 22, 2011

Tell Me About It

The covers on the bed are laid back on one corner making it easier to slide back between the sheets. I sit here, one leg curled beneath me, the other hanging over the side of the bed and the laptop at the junction of my lap. The TV is tuned to an episode of House and one ear is tuned to the TV while the other can hear the thunder seeping through the window at my back. The drapes are pulled and the overhead light is on illuminating the room. Usually the overhead light is never on but a lamp on the nightstand sheds a soft glow around the area where I sit. Today I pulled the chain that signals the overhead light beneath the fan to spout harsh light into this room. I had a project to work on that demanded better lightning then the lamp on the nightstand.

Do you realize I have written almost an entire page on a description of where I am sitting, perched on the side of the bed?

I have read a lot of books and what makes them come to life is the descriptive phrases that allow you to envision the scene. Have you ever had to much of a description of such? I find myself sometimes impatient to get past those descriptions and onto the meat of the story. Sometimes too much description causes me to want to skip ahead but I don't. Maybe there is something in the description that, should I not read, will leave a gap in understanding the story to come so I persevere and continue ploughing on. I've often wondered if other readers have felt this or if it's just relative to the disposition of an impatient person.

Maybe it's a condition of burn out; a signal that I may have been reading too much and need to take a break?

I am downloading books into my iPad, planning on doing some reading. I'll be taking note of when I start to zone out on descriptions. It might be that it's just time to put down the book or in this case, the iPad and take that break!


  1. Hah yes, I have that trouble with too much description in a book.... Perhaps I am impatient too :-/

  2. Thanks for stopping be and welcome to my space here!!!

  3. If you find a really good book that is hard to put down let me know...I am looking for one.


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