Saturday, July 2, 2011

Transformer, Terminator, Smirnanator...

It's Saturday.  It's hot and it's humid and what better thing to do then head for a dark theatre.

Transformer was playing and this has a big advertising budget plus this was the third episode. 3D glasses in hand and a bagful of snacks we climbed to the highest seats in the theatre and settled in. Two and a half hours later and I'm squirming in my seat wanting all the metal monsters to melt down and get out of my face. Ya seen one metal monstrosity, the next one looks much the same. As I watched the hero metal monster, I noted the colors used on him. It appeared as though an  American flag  had exploded all over his 30 ft metal frame. Were the writers  going for a patriotic them on this 4th of July weekend.
 Some of the conversation between the love interests was predictable and trite. I yawned and waited for the credits to roll. This just wasn't my thing. The special effects were impressive but it's like watching male strippers. After seeing each stripper do his thing, I quickly lose interest. It becomes too repetitive for me.

Ted and I escaped back to our respective homes while April and Shane went to Burritos. The clouds were threatening again and I raced the storm to Ted's house where he exited and then continued the race to get to the shelter of my carport rather then pulling over and putting the top up. The thunder boomed and the rain fell and the roadster was safely parked, the top still down. Made it!

82 degrees and humidity so thick you can almost see it hanging in the air. I'm grateful for the A/C unit that never stops humming from the first week of April until the last week in October!

I'm off to take a nap or watch TV and wait on the husband to call. It's 108 degrees where he is and he doesn't always have the option of staying indoors.

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  1. I hate the relentless heat and humidity of summer. We have been lucky this past week or so to have wind..gale force at times..but which has now subsided and is just a gentle breeze. However, as the temps rise, the breeze becomes hotter so it's no relief.

    By the the Casey Anthony trial..I've found it on Youtube. I am just starting on the clips of the opening days...I guess I will be glued to the laptop for the next couple of days catching up.


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