Friday, July 1, 2011

A Truly Pointless Posting!

The phone rings and I struggle up from sleep while my hand burrows through the pillows and blankets to find the phone before I miss the call. The eldest brother and eldest sibling is calling. It's been a while since I've talked with him though he tries to call at least once a month. This was his monthly call.

All's well on his home front and as I hit the "off" button on the phone, I'm already swinging my legs off the bed and vaulting to a standing position. That's when I remember the bone spur in the bottom of my left foot. Gingerly the next step is taken and I scour around for the thick sandals I keep  by the bedside.

The foot is less tender and less painful and appears to be improving. I'm trying to wait it out and not have surgery. Ibuprofen is again my BFF.

Instead of the quiet day at home, I called the daughter and we went out to flex our credit cards. We hit a few stores and spent more money on gas then the actual one purchase we made.

The ride home was interesting. The rain finally made it's appearance and along with the rain, hail. Moving through the downpour, conversation was impossible. The sounds from the rain and the hail pinging off the metal of the car left us speechless. It was just easier then screaming over all that noise. I'm not complaining; the rain was welcome.

The remainder of my afternoon has been spent watching the last day of the Casey Anthony trial. Though I find it interesting, I haven't really stayed clued to the TV to watch it. I usually watch the reviews late at night and catch the high points. It's a bit difficult to have to watch the woman that is accused of murdering her baby girl. My mind rejects the thought of what she is accused of doing.


  1. I managed to catch a bit of the Casey Anthony case on a website this week and it is very interesting. I'm hoping to find the trial somewhere...if you have a website that repeats the programmes, I'd appreciate a link if you wouldn't mind.

    I'm hoping that you don't have to have surgery again after all the discomfort you experienced before.

    Have a good weekend xx

  2. Charlotte Ann: You know this problem with posting comments on some blogs but not being able to post on others? I have been having the same problem. Have spent hours since yesterday trying to find answers at Blogger but they are bloody useless. I think now that it is an Internet Explorer problem. I've just used Firefox with no problem at all. Just thought I'd let you know xx

  3. OMG..Ayak..I'm on Firefox now giving this a try to see if I can post a coment here. If you see it..or I do..I'll know it worked. I've been having exactly the same problem with posting comments as you described! Thanks for the heads up!


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