Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celluar Connected *

Isn't it the way of things? The husband left the rig yesterday to make room for new workers arriving on the rig, only to arrive at his hotel room and have a huge storm follow him there. The last time I talked to him he was sitting in a darkened room sans TV, A/C and any interaction with the outside world except for his cell phone. I asked if it was hot in his room. The temperatures plummeted from 108 to mid '60's so he wasn't uncomfortable, just unconnected.

I'm expecting a phone call after he visits the rig this morning to bill his client. He is packed and will head home from the rig location. 500 miles to drive; I'm not worried about racing around and doing the usual "roll up the water hose" that I, like a kid with their parents out of town, leave laid out across the lawn. I dislike rolling the thing up when I know it will have to be unrolled the next day to give the flowers a dousing.

Another issue is his desk. Ok, so I stack a bit of clean laundry on it when the cat is out of town. I also clean it off before the cat gets back. This mouse knows how to play this game. Isn't it strange the little idiosyncrasies that irritate? Since I know these things and work toward not exposing them to him when he is home, he doesn't leave the toilet seat up or put out his cigarettes in my flower pots. Fair trade don't ya think?

It's work to make a relationship succeed. I'm doing my part.

Should you talk to him, I'm about positive that he might list a few other things. He doesn't mention them and I don't ask. I hate to be nagged; he feels the same. Some things ya fix, while some things you deal with. You pick your battles. I have few to complain about and for this I'm grateful.

Today I get my iPhone...I think. I have had a revolving run of cell phones lately and have not been really happy with any of them. The newest one is a red slider that really isn't bad. To be used until my upgrade was due, today is the day. I'm hauling myself to the AT&T store and hopefully picking up an iPhone. Before I start using it, I will order an Otter Box and slip that phone into it. Dropping an iPhone without some protection will crack the screen. My new iPod was placed in it's own Otter Box as soon as I received it. Soon all my devices I carry will be a product of Apple and the accessories to charge them will be one. I won't have to carry around different chargers for these things. Yeah Apple!

The jury is still out. Everyone knows which jury I'm making reference too. I won't hang around waiting for the verdict to come back. I'll catch it on the reruns. I'm off to the shower and then to hopefully get that iPhone!

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  1. addendum: hubby just Texas now..and will call again when he reaches Shreveport. The roast will go in the oven and be done when he arrives here!


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