Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So I Go To The Store

Alright, so I'm not a big fan of being the first on the block to chunk down a hunk of money for the new fangled toys on the market. I say let someone else buy em until the manufacturers get the bugs worked out then I'll give em a try.

The husband doesn't share my feelings. He did wait until the second edition of the iPad hit the market before purchasing. He found an excuse to buy one and it was our anniversary that supplied the reason for his purchase. I am now the owner of an iPad. To date, I use an iPhone, have an iPod Touch and now an iPad. The upside of owning products from the Apple Corporation is they all share the same accessories. The charging accessories work on all three of these items so packing becomes much easier and now since the husband and I share the same kind of phone, we can share everything that keeps them glowing.

I just got an iPhone on July 5th. I've been waiting months and months for my upgrade. I didn't opt for the iPhone 4 but got the previous model, the 3G S. The need for faster downloading of web stuff and the other upgraded things it offered didn't entice me to spend the extra money on it. I don't plan on doing much surfing on that small screen. Of course I had to pay for a data plan on it and then add the texting feature and keep the charging cord close. One of the weak points of this phone is it's ability to carry a charge for a good length of time should you be one that talks on it much. I keep the thing in an iHome when I'm not out running around and during those times I keep the charging cord close. Of course I had to have an Otter Box for that phone. Once dropped without the protection of an Otter Box, the next place you will be dropping that phone is in a trash receptacle. An Otter Box is 50.00 unless you order one from Amazon which is what I did. Now I await the delivery of that protection. I carry that phone in an armband holder and nervously use it over soft floors should it slip through my hands and shatter on the tile floors here. I'm busy protecting all these delicate screens.
 I'm captured. A captive of tender screens,  cords, cables, phones and computers. I used to be able to grab my purse and car keys, a struggle sometimes to find those keys, and leap into my car and leave the house. Now? The car keys are kept on a unattractive piece of metal carbiners loop though a metal strap holder on the outside of my purse. I have to find the cell phone..and make sure I have the cords to charge it and grab the iPad should I feel the need to tag into the umbilical Internet. The iPod Touch is scooped up to belch out music on my trip. What? I forgot the suitcase? Is it any wonder?

There is too much stuff in my life and they all need to be plugged in.

The iPad had to be exchanged. It appears it had a faulty charging dock so back to the store we went this past Sunday. There wasn't any in stock in the store. There never is. If you aren't there when the shipment arrives, you will not own an iPad. Within 30 minutes of them arriving, they are all sold out and waiting on the next shipment. Apparently these shipments are random and the store isn't notified from Apple Corp. when they will be shipping. The advice they gave me along with the store credit of 647.00 was to call often to catch a shipment. "No, we can't reserve one for you. It's not allowed." says the young lady as she hands me that store credit. Now this store has my money, no cash refund and they won't hold an iPad for me when they get their next shipment. They will hold one for me for one hour if I call them and they should have received a shipment which they won't know the date of said shipment. This was Sunday.

Yesterday (Monday) I wait until 0900 and call the store. I explain to the salesperson the reason for this call  and he says "We have one left."

They had received a shipment and already sold out? He said he could hold this one for 1 hr. Ripping off my pajamas and hauling on a pair of shorts and t-shirt, I grabbed my purse fumbling for the keys on the carbiners ring and yelling at the husband "Gone to Best Buy..the iPad is in!" I raced for the car.

I remember when Apple Corp. stocks were at twenty some dollars per share. Now at 227.00 per share, that boat left the docks without me.



  2. I won't either..again. The sad thing is...we have two electronics stores in this town. Circuit City closed down so that left us with little options on purchasing electronics. You would think with a town this size there would be more options..and...we don't have a Denny's either which is another sore spot in my life here. We have every chain store known to cities..EXCEPT a Denny's!


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