Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dinner and I Didn't Cook!

I noticed the small specks on the concrete and stood to watch as more collected. Vaguely I could remember seeing this at an earlier date but it was so long ago I could not recall what it was I was watching today.

Soon all the specks collected and touched and there it was. Moisture. Rain. Wow! It's raining. The temperature has slid from the high 90's to a "I'm almost cool 85 degrees" and I waited for a shiver to shake me from the sudden drop.  My hair surrendered to a fuzzy mass that grew into a large dark brown halo around my head. Soon the air became as full of moisture which we here in the deep south call hugeMIdity.

I popped the trunk lid on the car and reached in to grab my huge blue and white striped umbrella. I wanted to go to Macy's today for their one day sale. The husband couldn't be enticed to go along so amid the falling rain, the windshield wipers whisking away the heavy rainfall, I carefully made my way to the mall.

There is not much on my list of "needs" but I did select two blouses that were priced at 60 percent off. The store had a great number of shoppers walking around with the store bags clutched in their hands though their purchases didn't look to be more then one small item. Retail sales are still suffering though the residents of this town are fortunate that the economic bust side stepped this area. It's a town that caters to the oil industry and though there was a slow down when  deep water drilling was halted, the field is once again bustling with activities.

The husband is in the kitchen happily paying tribute to the stove. This is his area of expertise. He actually enjoys puttering around in there and I happily relinquish the pots and pans, plates, cups and culinary accessories to him. I've broken all records this week by cooking for 4 days consecutively. I need a break! 

I think dinner is ready. I'm like the dog that responds to a fork scraping plates clean. I hear the plates being set down upon the granite counter top and my salivary glands begin secreting. It's time for me to casually wander into the kitchen to inquire "What's for dinner?"


  1. I love a man who knows his way around the kitchen. Mine actually asks for kitchen gadgets for Christmas. My record is cooking three times in a week.

  2. Same here Joan! I like it so very much that he LIKES to cook. It cure's the problem of answering that dreaded question of "What's for dinner?" that I cringe when asked.


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