Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Your Turn Kaylee

31 days of trial with your mother facing the jury and her accusers. 31 days, the amount of days you were missing before anyone was notified.

Today the closing arguments are delivered. I sat and watched and listened to the prosecutor tell the full story from beginning to end. I want to turn away from this. I'm full. I haven't stayed in front of the television these past 5 weeks though it's difficult to escape hearing about it. I haven't tried to escape from it as well as I haven't tried to watch it all.

The talking heads are on it every day. Another day gone and rebuttal from the prosecution today. Finally the case has been delivered to the jury for a verdict. Again, I'll be hoping for a swift decision. Let the jury decide and we will accept and move on. It's time.

The husband returns tomorrow evening. I've been an oilfield widow for the past month. Today I bought a small refrigerator for the patio and filled it with his favorite beers and cranked it up. He can now sit on a comfy chair on the patio, enjoy his smoke, sip a beer from that fridge  and watch his favorite news show. Carrie has a few Popsicles and some of her juices stowed away. After that little bit of shopping, I stayed in the house and since the jury was in deliberation now, the TV was turned off and I slipped away into a nap.

A few hours later, Carrie was at my door and the rest of the afternoon was spent with her. When her mom appeared to pick her up, she arrived with some fireworks so we went to the back yard where we squealed and dodged the unpredictable route they traveled.

Carrie is home. I have my house to myself again and I'm headed for the bedroom. I've enjoyed my quiet day. I'm sure that's finished as Carrie will be calling tomorrow to visit. I still have all the Play Doh which isn't allowed at her house. I would never presume that I was the reason she wants to spend her time here.
I'm done and I'm outta here.

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