Monday, December 3, 2012

Up Tree ...UP!

Stumbling around in the little house, a building used for storing all those things one seldom uses, I pulled the Christmas from the corner of the room.  Dragging it from it's box, the three sections were successfully connected and upright in it's tree stand. Getting the decorations from the little house was a bit more of a challenge.  The crawfish pot has to be moved and along with that huge pot, the burner it sits atop had to be moved. One thing leads to another and now the little house has lost all semblance of organization. This happens any time anyone enters to collect something. I foresee rearranging and reorganizing in my near future.  It's time to pitch and haul.

The tree is up with Carrie's help. She was easily distracted as the decorations were unpacked. Some of the figurines she snatched and headed to the living room to find a spot for them.  Before the tree was finished, she was collecting her paints and brushes and was off  to do another project.  I didn't try to keep her on task. This was supposed to be a fun evening. Soon enough she will be back in her classroom tomorrow following rules.
(Continued on Monday morning)

I collected Carrie from her home and we rode to the bus stop together. She was wearing her new shoes and was not happy about them. I asked her why she didn't like them as she had been the one to select them on our shoe shopping day.  "They are too loose back here" she said as she pointed to the heel.  I adjusted the strings on them, looping them through the eyelets farther back to pull the heel tighter. Now she is complaining of them hurting. She points to a spot near her ankle and  I offered to loosen the laces a bit.  Finally she  explains, it's a mosquito bite that is causing  pain as the shoe rubs against it. I glance up and the bus is making it's first stop. Carrie turns to walk back to her friends waiting in line and I ease out and away. Hopefully being in school will be enough of a distraction and she will forget mosquito bites and "it's Monday".

It's Monday for me too. The garage just called with a long list of ailments on that Mercury and for 1899..00, I should be driving it again some time this week!  I'm waiting to hear from Jeff. He has both my laptop and my desktop computers. The year 2012 has been one of costly repairs. I should be all good for 2013.

I'm done here on this post because I have so much to get done around  the house. It's shower time and time to get dressed and busy. Hobby Lobby is on my list of places to visit today. I'm gone!

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