Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I hear the rumblings. Today is 12/12/12 and anything ca strophic will be attributed to a line of numbers. I've forgotten when the world was supposed to end. Isn't it this month?
Yesterday a 20 inch gas line exploded underground in Sissionville, West Virginia. Flames shot into the air and homes were destroyed along with a pock marked I-77 which had to be closed to traffic. Contrary to some who believe this was  to be blamed on drilling and worried it would affect the drilling in the area, this is our infrastructure collapsing. Nothing to do with drilling but everything to do with transporting gas from one region of the country to another. Texas, one of our biggest movers of natural gas, has huge pipelines running beneath the ground and taking it to most of the east coast as well as Wyoming and Louisiana, two more big movers of the stuff. The pipes are rotting.

Huge explosions are now common across the USA. Reported and forgotten until it happens in your area.
Scary isn't it? The devout say this earth will be destroyed by fire. I'm sure a huge amount of those worshipers see a gas line explosion as a sign.
A healer made a visit at a church here last week. Of course the parishioners wanted to see some sign of his expertise. A grandfather holding his granddaughter, an infant, in his arm as she drifted off to sleep and her eyes rolled back as they closed in slumber was suddenly amidst the screams of a woman behind him. "She's having a seizure!" she screamed. She helped grandfather rush the infant to the front of the church where the healer "laid hands" on the baby.
"She's healed!" the crowd screamed as the child opened her eyes and appeared to be a lot surprised and begun crying.
I listened incredulously to this story. My first question was.."Didn't they call 911?" Nobody did. The child was taken home as the services were at an end. A few days later a doctor's visit was made. No signs of seizures. Go figure! I suppose the laying on of hands erased all signs and cured the baby. I was appalled at the ignorance.

When I question the devout as to whether they are superstitious, I usually get a resounding "no". I nod and smile and think about all the biblical stories that are taught at a young age and repeated by these children as they grow up to their children and I smile. Speaking in tongues, another event that causes me to keep a blank look on my face so as not to insult the person who is seriously expounding his/her beliefs. Hysteria. The human mind and brains washing. Start em early and repeat the same thing over and over and do it where others are there to reinforce your convictions. Isn't that called "church services?"

Excuse me while I climb down off this soap box.

I'm done!

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