Saturday, December 29, 2012

Simple Saturday

It is cold around this place. It's not cold enough to freeze one's tongue on ye ole pump handle; it's not as cold as some of the days and nights  I've spent in Wyoming. My tolerance for cold weather is very low. I've been in the south way too long. The thought of temperatures dipping into the thirties sends me backing up into the house and slapping the door shut.
It's been very quiet around here today. Carrie is with her father and only the hubby and I are here. The hubby has been putting "running boards" onto his truck today and I've been staying out of his way. It hasn't went well. The first set he bought, he was barely into the installation when he found there was parts missing. He packed everything up and went back to the Performance Shop where he found there wasn't another set of them to purchase but "for an extra 50.00 he could get an upgrade on ones that are usually 100.00 more" and that's what he did. The salesmen assured him they would fit his truck although the packaging said they were for a 2009 through 2010. They didn't fit. We still have them sitting here in their box. The Performance Shop had closed so he rushed off to another place that was only open until noon to purchase another set. See why I have stayed out of his way today? I hid out in the bedroom and waited for updates on how it was going. I wasn't brave enough to venture out to where he was working to inquire. Sometimes it's just more pleasant to wait for an update. I would have been majorly frustrated at this point but he handled it with aplomb. Quietly he went about doing what had to be done to accomplish his goal.
One more addition to that truck and he will have it road ready. He may have to leave without getting the tonneau cover that he has ordered which won't be here until the middle of  next week.
The pot roast, pototoes and carrots capped off the day.
I'm ready for a couple of good strong Bloody Mary's. Being a quiet observer is a terrible responsibility! 

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