Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

The pizza box sits on the coffee table, gnawed on crusts discarded, pieces of the meat topping the only thing left of dinner.
 The furnace makes a "tic" sound signaling the beginning of warm air that will gush from the ceiling vents. It's finally time to don my pink fuzzy robe. It's that cold in here.
Carrie and I are beneath the plaid lap blanket on the sofa. She doesn't have a pink fuzzy robe. The TV is tuned to The Wizard of Oz. Right now the characters have entered Oz and are being pampered. This part of the movie I've never seen. I hear those shocked gasps of "What? You have never seen this movie?"
I must confess. I have never watched it in it's entirety. Each year I see a small part of it and somewhere during the showing I get distracted. I've never seen ET all the way to the credit roll either. Television has been something that I've discovered in my later years. I've always found something else to entertain me and it usually didn't involve being home in front of the TV. What is reruns to many viewers is all new stuff to me.
Carrie was excited. She watches it every year with her family. Tonight is our first viewing together. I may make it to the credits tonight! Just another thing to mark off my bucket list.

My history professor shared this meaning of this movie. It has been said it had a hidden meaning politially inspired. This link provides the story:

The husband ordered a new truck this afternoon. I was appalled at the price. Sticker shock. I believe that is what it is called. I keep chanting to myself "It's a business expense."
Sometimes it helps; most times it doesn't.
When did a vehicle cost more then a house bought 20 years ago? A sure sign that one has grown old is when one starts voicing what was once heard from our grandparents. "Why, I remember when gas was...... or "I remember when you could buy a car for $..00. I'm there.
Soon it will be time for me to head to the dealerships to scout for a new car. I'm not looking forward to it. Owning a new car excites me not. Buying a new car will be something I do out of necessity. I've had to have a few repairs done to the Grand Marquis. I don't know if I trust it now to take me cross country.
I'm closing this down now. I've already ignored more of this movie then intended. It would be great to finish this movie in 2012.

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