Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

The world is still spinning; the Mayan's were wrong. The world did end for the 20 little elementary school children in Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Funerals for 4 of them today and it was too depressing to watch. I have been staying away from the news channels.

This is our last night in New Orleans. We spent the morning at the WWII memorial. If you plan on visiting, I'll confirm it was worth the price of admission. The theatre show narrated by Tom Hanks was riveting. Lunch was at Wille May's, a place visited by Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain hosts a  television show on eateries around the world.

Chicken fried crisp is their specialty. It was tasty but nothing worth visiting again. So much for ole Anthony's recommendations. I prefer Tony Mandino's on Canal Street for some good home cooking relative to this city.

We stayed in tonight. New Orleans is one of those cities that has way too many cars and way too few parking spots. The hotel here charges 20.00 per night to park and if you collect your car to drive anywhere in the city, parking it will cost you another 20.00. Even the Museum charged to park in their own lot!

I'm out of here to find my pajamas. 20 years ago my night would not have ended this early in the lively city of New Orleans. Time passes and one passes out earlier and earlier!

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