Monday, December 3, 2012

MS Word...a better idea!

With one keystroke the sentences vaporize. Though I don’t see a wisp of smoke or steam, the blank page stares back at me. Recreating the words just sprayed across the page is impossible. Sentences and paragraphs are never exactly recalled. I’m using Microsoft Word now.

My blog notes will be done on MS Word and copied and pasted to the blog site. Google provides a space for bloggers and I gratefully use their free service so I can’t complain about the glitches that occasionally invade and wreak havoc with my diary.

The Grand Marquis was returned to me today along with a hefty repair bill. I could shop for a new car but I choose not to. I’m perfectly happy with the Marquis and the roadster. All the ball joint and shocks were replaced last month and this week more work was needed. If it doesn’t need anything else for a few more years, I’ll count this as a good investment. I hate to spend half as much on a car as I did for the house I live in. I’m appalled at how much a vehicle costs now and I prefer to keep what have as long as possible.  The last car I bought was kept for over 20 yrs. The granddaughter has it now.

I’m ready to get the granddaughter into bed and join her shortly. It seems my bedtime comes earlier and earlier especially with daylight savings time in place.


I’m going to copy and paste this to blog spot. ..and was done!

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