Sunday, December 23, 2012

Movies, Football and Sundays

Sunday morning, a light drizzle and football. Carrie and I won't be watching football. She has a nice warm bath drawn and as soon as she tires of watching The Lion King, she will enjoy a bubble bath. Prying her loose from any activity she is enjoying to take a bath is a chore. Once in the tub, she will languish for hours. I start early with bath warnings and announcements. She gets a time, say "Carrie, when your movie is finished, you can get in the tub."

I remind her occasionally to get her mentally prepared. When the time comes she seldom argues as she has been prepped so well.

Today I want to get her dressed in something festive and get a picture of her beside the Christmas Tree. Jeans, shirt and a red elf hat will be sufficient. I didn't buy her a Christmas dress this year. No real reason except there has been so much happening that I just never got to shop for one. She is not unhappy and since Christmas is but two days away, I'll leave it as is.

I'm off to get my own hot shower and dressed while Carrie is entertained with her movie. It's quiet for a change here, No disasters reported and hopefully it will continue for a few days.

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