Friday, December 28, 2012

Truckin...Storms and Naps.

From where I sit I can see the rain falling, at times heavy, the thunder slips in an explanation mark to quantify the storm. The wind whips the ferns that sit in the urns across the front porch, getting a much needed drenching.
I'm warm and I'm dry and I have no desire to go anywhere in this storm. Earlier a quick trip to the manicurist to have my nails done and a stop to pick up some coffee and I was back at the house. The husband was already home from the Dodge dealership. His truck was transported from Arkansas yesterday and he was anxious to pick it up this morning. Running boards, bed mat, floor mats and a tonneau cover is being installed before he packs it up with all his supplies for a job that is his next stop. The rig is fishing so he has a few more grace days to get his new truck ready to go.
I got to take it around the block which will probably be the last time I'm invited to drive it. The husband is very protective of his ride. He spends a lot of time on the road and his truck is his second home. The 2007 Dodge that he traded in for this new truck was in show room condition. I hated to see it go and if not for the high mileage on it, he would not have had to let it go.
I am still in sticker shock on the price of a new truck or any vehicle for that matter. I can only justify this purchase by repeating to myself "this is a company expense". He gets paid mileage on his truck and the allowance is generous. He will make back the price of this truck in one year of driving it. The additional 5 yrs he drives it will pay for the next one. 
Soon I'll be strolling the car lots looking for a new vehicle. I only have one requirement...good mpg. The Grand Marquis I hate to part with. It's a very comfortable car and for it's size, it gets good gas mileage but nothing lasts forever and I know I will have to get rid of it soon. There won't be a trade in. I'll pass it along to someone in the family. Maybe I can borrow it back some times?
The storm has lulled for a bit. The thunder is now heard in the distance. I hope it calms down here as the daughter has to make a trip to Lydia to take Carrie to her dad's for the weekend. Hydroplaning in all the rain we get here causes me to worry about them on the highway. The daughter is a very cautious driver but she can't rely on the other drivers to operate the same.
I feel a nap coming on. It beats cleaning cupboards which needs to be done. Maybe tomorrow?

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