Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Salt on you

As the Christmas lights on the tree blink a steady rythmn in the room, I can hear the rain rapping a tune on the concrete outside. The lightening flashes, the vibrations from the thunder cause a strum through the house. I like the rainy nights.

Carrie was expected tonight but she isn't feeling well so she will go to visit her doctor tomorrow.

 The issue on gun control screams from the tube. After each horrible incident of mass shootings, the gun control folks begin justifying their position on gun control. The NRA followers are wisely keeping quiet. 20 small children lost their lives and as I note the comments on Facebook  made by proponents of gun ownership, the cry is about the government wanting to ban guns. I just tonight realiazed this was a statement that was a bit skewed. Banning guns is a phrase used to scare people. Guns are not being banned in totality; the push is to ban assault weapons. Big difference.

I'm astonished at the use of words that are so misleading. One must read the small print in all instances. In this case, one must note the words used that incite people to go on the defense. Rest easy people. Does the  gun that is used by the military, the Swat teams and the police really need to be sold to every law abiding citizens until they decide to visit a classroom with it.

The second amendment assuring us the right to bear arms was written when muskets and single shots were the only thing manufactured. I don't imagine those forefathers could envision that an assault rifle was needed to defend the homes of that time nor this. I doubt seriously they had to contend with mass murderers wiping out a classroom of students.

Keep your guns. Restrict manufacturing of those assault rifles unless being used for military, police or SWAT teams.

Nothing will stop a terror attack and if any of those victimscould leave a message I'm  sure they would say they were terrorized.

I'm done.                            

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