Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunny Monday

I've been on a spree lately. With dust cloth and Old English furniture polish in hand, I've been tearing around this house putting a glow on everything. The scratches and dents on the wood have disappeared as though magically scooped up by the dust cloth.

Closets haven't been exempt. The shelves that flow from floor to ceiling behind the small door in the guest bathroom were emptied and after regrouping and organizing, and tossing some of the things in the garbage, the  things kept  were neatly arranged.

I've been shopping around for the past week for a night stand to put beside the king size bed that replaced the queen sized one in the master bedroom. That bed has now been in this house for over a year and the plan was to add pieces to it to eventually arrive at a suite of furniture. I've been lax, lazy and based upon the hard times endured by 14 million citizens, spending money hasn't been high on my list of things to do.

Growing up in a house with meager surroundings and barely enough money from one paycheck to another, I've been conditioned to be cautious with spending. We are fortunate in these times to have a job. The husband stays busy with his job and we try to live well "below" our means in these scary times.

A decorator table draped with two different table cloths and a decorative runner has served well as a night stand. A lamp and a few books and a bottle of Antacid meds group together on the surface. I have no ideas why suddenly I'm in the mood to upgrade to a real night stand.

After shopping around and seeing the price of solid wood furniture, I spread a few new table cloths on that decorator table and decided I could live with it as is. Today I visited an unfinished furniture store and found a night stand that was half the price of the ones that had induced sticker shock on me in the past week.

I paid for it on the spot and tomorrow the daughter and I will drop the back seat on her Cherokee and load it up to be delivered to this house. Hopefully I can get the grandson to help me move the chest of drawers out of that room and move an armoir from one of the other bedrooms into this bedroom. Think of the money I'll save by not having to buy a chest of drawers to go into this bedroom.

The husband just got home three days ago and is again on the road to another job. He is headed to Texas and if that isn't bad enough, he's headed to WEST Texas. Sagebrush and sand and mesquite. He will be staying on the rig so I was not  invited along. I didn't say anything to him but I am happily staying home on this one.  I've seen plenty of sagebrush and sand.

It's time for me to head for the bed and the remote control. I'll swallow an Ambien and snuggle down with the television. I'll be busy tomorrow and I'm tired tonight.

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