Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chilled and Posting

Just a slight chill this morning in the house and not enough to turn on the heat. I could get my thick warm robe but then in a few minutes, it would be much too warm. I'll wait it out with my lap blanket while I finish this post.

Friend Pat and I hit the road yesterday afternoon and exposed ourselves to more sticker shock while shopping for furniture. Finding an appropriate nightstand hasn't been the problem. It's the quality that one has to make a decision on or maybe it's the lack of such.

This started when I decided to buy a king size bed. Once you change one thing in a room by style and color, your room instantly looks like a garage sale collection.

I had some friends stop by last night and when they saw the picture projected from the 13 yr. old big box projection TV in the living room, comments swirled on the lack of quality of the picture. Another stopped project. I wanted to get a huge flat screen and mount it above the fireplace mantel which would allow furniture to be rearranged around this room that has 4 doors opening into it. Try arranging furniture with all the door obstacles I have going on here. The first flat screen we purchased was a Samsung that cost 1500.00 and lasted 4 years. As soon as it crashed, I started searching the web for problems associated with this flat screens and discovered that no matter what brand you typed into the Google Search Engine, my screen was filled with horror stories on the problems with them. It didn't seem to matter the brand, they all had problems and they usually occurred just as the warranty was expiring.  I've searched lately for the life expectancy of a flat screen and came up with "approx. 2 yrs.". I'm waiting for this to improve before I plunk down another huge sum of money for overpriced, underdeveloped junk.

Today will be a day where I go back to a few more stores with a measuring tape and do more searching. Carrie will be out of bed in  a few more hours and escorted to her bus stop.

From the time she hops on that bus, I'll shower and dress and the shops should be open so I can get an early start.

The husband should be headed home today. The temperatures most of this week are to be in the mid 70's. Our summer is inching closer and I'm not ready for the heat. I might have to start whining about buying a fifth wheel trailer and taking it to Cortez, Colorado for the summer. It didn't work last year. Maybe I can wear him down gently persuade him to see the wisdom in getting out of Louisiana for the summer.

I need to refill my coffee cup and pack Carrie's lunch. It may be a few days until I get back to do another senseless post.  Wait on

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