Friday, January 27, 2012

Hand me that Wrench Will Ya?

"You're sick again?" she asked. I had to stop and think about that question and the pause stretched out as I realized that I have been "sick" most of this month. More thinking lead to me to the  answer. It's that germ carrier named Carrie that is the culprit.

I had forgotten how having a little one in school exchanging cold germs with each other keeps everyone on that merry go round of passing germs around and around. Carrie came home with a runny nose and coughing again and two days later I'm doing the same.

Today was a day of nursing my cold. I took care of a few things by telephone and made a trip to the parts house to pick up a door mirror for Ted's truck and then back home. Not a very productive day and I wanted to pick up some oil filters and some oil for this weekend. It's now on my list for the first thing to do tomorrow morning. Ted doesn't have to go to work until 1700 hrs so we will change his oil on Saturday and do Lesie's on Sunday.

The owner of the parts store started questioning me while I was there about what I was doing. He wanted to know how long I had been doing my own maintenance. After telling him it was since I started driving, he offered me a job.

He is going to start a class for females on maintaining their automobiles and asked if I would be interested in teaching it. He will contact me. I wanted to ask if this will be a "hands on" type of class and will I be required to get dirty. I smiled and nodded at him and slipped out of the door and to my car. I recalled telling the daughter just two days ago that I was done handling a wrench. He neglected to get my phone number and I might have to start using the parts house across the road. Avoidance is my tactic.

Excuse me while I go blow my nose and crawl into bed to sleep this off. I don't feel well..not at all.

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