Monday, January 16, 2012

I Missed Getting That Shopping Gene..

A Facebook friend posted a picture today. He was standing in front of a huge pile of snow that had been moved from the driveway to beside that same driveway. While he was shoveling all that snow, I was lowering the rag top on my little roadster, hair wet from my recent shower and getting ready to go shopping. The wind blows through my wet hair and causes a cascade of curls saving me from time spent with a blow dryer, hot rollers or curling iron. The only way to get this hair style is cruising around in the convertible. Not a bad way to get it done unless it's less then 65 degrees.

The skies roiled with dark clouds during my drive and I anxiously peered at the windshield for the first sign of raindrops. The whole time I was driving, I was scouting out where I would be able to pull over quickly to raise the top on the car.

I shopped for end tables for the bedroom and ended up with nothing. Tomorrow I will visit a few more stores. I want solid wood and good craftsmanship. Those two requirements cause me to shiver at the price of a small nightstand. One of the downsides to being this old is remembering what prices were in the past for quality furniture. Plenty of furniture fill the stores, wall to wall and pretty to look at. Disposable pieces. Nothing built to last from one generation to another. Heirlooms pieces are astronomically priced and who buys furniture with the intentions of passing it on to their children? Another practice that has went the ways of the furniture that was the main income of the Carolinas.

To buy a piece of furniture manufactured in the USA,  will put a dent in the purse. The thought of spending 300.00 for a nightstand that will have drawers that don't align and that will sag as the finish that is sprayed on chips away causes me to escape back to my car and head home. Maybe tomorrow I will try it again. I've had enough for today.

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