Friday, January 13, 2012

Beauty and The Beast, One Time Too Many

Carrie and I went to the theatre today and when you go with Carrie you will usually be seeing an animated feature and such was the case today.

Carrie wanted to go in the roadster and since it needed to be started up that's exactly what we did. We parked at the end of the lot and hiked our way to the entrance. Carrie swayed along with her jacket draped over her arm. It was much too chilly to be carrying that jacket instead of wearing it but  Carrie is a hot natured little person and she insisted she wasn't cold. Quick stepping to the front door, this chilly weather makes me move on, we purchased tickets to see Beauty and The Beast.

After about 5 minutes of this movie, I began to question the reason for going. I have no complaints about the rating for this movie but this has to be the 100th time we've seen it. We own the DVD. We've been to see a live performance of it and yet here we sat in the theatre watching yet again. Carrie knew the movie so well she was reciting the character's lines as they spoke them. We could have stayed home and watched the DVD and had popcorn that didn't cost 5.50 for a small bag. I know I was relieved when it was time to leave. I had stepped outside the theatre to answer a phone call. Carrie watched the last few minutes alone and came out of the theatre carrying my purse, our drinks, her jacket and the bag of outrageously priced popcorn. I was impressed that this 6 yr old gathered up all our belongings and walked out to find me on the bench in the lobby.

The remainder of this weekend, she is spending with her dad; I'll look for a movie that contains anything but animation.

I have become a Skyping fool lately. Almost two years ago I bought a webcam, used it twice and stowed it away. The two times it was used was when I was out of town and called Carrie to talk to her. Lately I have been encouraged by friends to dig it out and hook it up and then I remembered why I had packed it away.

I don't want to brush my hair, slap on some lipstick and eyeliner to connect with friends. Phone conversation is a wonderful thing. I can  pace around the house, empty the dishwasher and do a load of laundry while chatting on the phone and all while having frizzed out hair, pale lips and eyes that are beady looking without eyeliner.

I'm going to have to  get coiffed, teeth bleached and a root touch up for my next big video appearance unless that web cam mysteriously gets misplaced or damaged which would then require me to be a "phone" only communicator.

It's time for my Ambien and my six hours of sleep. The temperatures are dipping to 27 degrees tonight. We are but a few degrees above what the temperatures in Wyoming are tonight. See something wrong with this?  Amazing..simply amazing, especially for us here on the Gulf Coast. 

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