Thursday, January 26, 2012

..s at ou?

" ou ear me?"

I jam the phone into my ear as if that will help. The static and erratic sound is the husband calling or trying to call from the rig location. He is in the  wilds of the Texas desert somewhere and phone reception is more then sketchy.  Screaming into the phone doesn't help. I tell him that when he questions why I am not responding to his voice. I had to explain that I do not hear his voice and his loud tone isn't going to make it possible to hear him.

Today his call was a bit better. He had hooked his antenna up to his cell phone and had 3 bars on it. This is much better then having to walk to the company man's trailor and stand outside by the rear door to use his reception.

Email and internet he has so tonight we will try to use Face Time on our Mac's to communicate. I have to go now. I'm due in "hair and makeup" for my "on camera" appearance....

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