Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day one, 2012

To say that I slept away the last days of 2011 would be a perfect description with no exaggeration. I've been up this morning for the past 4 hours and that has been a major improvement in my health status. Whatever is going around, this bug or virus or whatever it's being called has laid people low and it's not just for a day or three. Most of us have the cough left from it for months following. I thought I was doing alright. Struggling through it and coming out a winner until the stomach part of it hit two days ago. We all have something in common. Tired. Sleepy. We want to sleep the days away and that's what I have done for myself. I've watched Nostradamus from my bed. I've watched a lot of TV between the times I drift off and wake.

 Sometimes I go to sleep watching one thing and awake to the sight of a one ton man being lifted from his bed and transported to the hospital for care. I drift off a while and wake again to volcanoes in Italy and wonder what happened to the one ton man. I'm a collection of upended stories. Will I ever discover the endings to these stories or will I even care?

From this bedroom, I can hear the husband puttering around in the kitchen. It's Football Sunday and he is making snacks for the game. Hurry. Come on over. I'm sure there will be enough for everyone. He cooks as though he were cooking for a crowd of thirty. To all my football friends online, I wish you lived closer. The snacks are awesome and  plentiful and I'm looking forward to the buffalo wings, my favorite. I dont' like the original buffalo wings but the ones marinated in Caribbean Jerk sauce. My mouth waters just thinking about them. There will be egg rolls, stuffed celery, cheese slabs, whole sweet gherkins and crackers. You sure you can't make it? I have to go now. I can hear the sizzle and pop of hot grease. It must be getting close to time to enjoy those Caribbean Jerk wings.

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