Sunday, January 29, 2012

Almost Done

I am NOT a well person. It's so bad I took the advice of a friend and bought some Theraflu. For those of you that have a choice between drinking battery acid or Theraflu, go with the acid.

I can't do a testimony on the effectiveness of it. I did my first swallow this morning and again at noon and actually felt almost well most of the day. Maybe it was just time for this cold to get better and maybe I would have improved whether I took the Theraflu or not. I just took my last dose for this day a few minutes ago and still haven't quit shivering from the taste.

Today a lot was accomplished. Ted and Lesie managed to get to my house at about the same time and the work began. Ted and I finished up on his mirror installation on his truck and then he and Lesie jacked the truck up and Lesie gave Ted a lesson in doing an oil change. I quietly stood by listening to make sure she didn't forget anything. We went through the safety precautions of lifting a vehicle in the air and putting it on jack stands. Nothing worse then have 3500 lbs drop on you while beneath a vehicle.

When they finished with the truck, we checked it for leaks and then they moved on to do the Toyota. Ted busied himself with putting on a new door handle on the Toyota while I started the bacon and eggs.

Ted and Elise had breakfast while I washed the Toyota.

All in all, it was a good day with a lot accomplished. While the tools were being stored in the shed by the grandchildren, I borrowed Ted's truck and took the oil cannister containing the used oil down to the auto parts store to be disposed of.

Tomorrow the truck goes to the shop to have a little more front end work done on it and then to Midas to have a muffler and tail pipe. I have to order another mirror for the passenger side and that will complete the work on the truck for a while.

The Toyota needs a new belt for the a/c unit. One more visit to the parts store and I should be caught up for a while. When I walked out of it today, the fellow behind the counter smiled, waved and said "See ya in a little while."  I laughed and waved and headed back to the house.

I'm ready to shut down for the day. At least I'm done with the Theraflu until tomorrow morning.

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  1. We have Theraflu in Turkey, but in tablet form. I swear by works well for me.

    Get well soon xx


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