Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to School, Errands WILL get done today!

It's 72 degrees here right now and this coming week..the highs in temps are in the low to mid 80's...and into the 50's for the nights. I'm so excited. We are headed into an early fall and I think that's just GRAND!
Carrie is still asleep. She is back to normal and back to school today. I'm debating on making her a "car rider" . I'll have to make a decision on whether I want to be committed to picking her up  because I have to send a note to her teacher alerting her that Carrie will be in the "car rider" line and not loaded onto a bus then I must remember to go get her. She has a dance class this afternoon. I think the bus will get her home as quickly as I can. From the time she leaves the school on a bus to the time she gets home is about 15 or 20 minutes so picking her up is not a big time saver. I'm watching the weather channel right now to see if it's going to be a rain filled afternoon. If I do pick her up, I must remember to tell her mother she won't be on the bus. I can just imagine April's panic should she be waiting at the bus stop and no Carrie alights from that bus. Last year Carrie forgot to get off at her stop. When April realized there was no Carrie the bus had moved on. April chased the bus down and stopped it and there sat Carrie who never realized she has missed her stop.
Last year a child was left on the bus..asleep in his seat after the driver had closed the bus up and gone home. The drivers now have to do a "walk through" to make sure all the kids are off the bus. You would have thought with hauling little kids, this would have been mandatory before this happened. Ah..the horror stories of sending your child away from your care...
I have errands to run today; a pedicure also on the "to do" list. My alligator skin feet need some attention. I don't get a pedicure strictly for the pretty nail colors but for the "baby skin" feet feel from the removal of the calluses.
It's time to pack Carrie's lunch before I go into the bedroom to wake her. We will then be busy with dressing and breakfast. I can see daylight through the windows now which is my first notice that it's time to get busy.
...and I'm gone.

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