Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday with the Ill Carrie

It started this morning early. Carrie has a stomach virus; she is sick. After cleaning all the linens on the bed and replacing them, she spent most of the afternoon in that bed with her mother watching movies. I took the opportunity to make a trip to the store for supplies.
Carrie has been without a fever and for that I'm thankful. She has sipped on water and Sprite and until a few hours ago she was vomiting every 1/2 hr. Mostly it was dry heaves and we all know how uncomfortable that can be.  She has now made it 4 hours without an episode. A half of a fudgesickle was eaten and that was all she could tolerate this evening. Right now she is asleep on the sofa. I turned off the lamps in the room; I've left the hall light on which casts it's glow into the living room and  should she wake she won't find herself in darkness.
I'm hoping we have a quiet night, restful for both of us. She won't be attending school tomorrow. She will need a day of real rest instead of the erratic sleep of exhaustion  she has had today.
I'm a bit tired myself. Hopefully this virus will bypass me or I will have to rely on April for nurse care. Have I mentioned that April when hearing retching races to the opposite end of the house while gagging her guts up? April is NOT nurse material..
One afternoon after work I headed to April's house to see the children. I had just spent 12 hrs on an Oncology floor with patients that had been given chemo therapy. These patients usually will become nauseated from the chemo and the battle to keep them comfortable is an ongoing chore.
After 12 hrs of working the floor with these ill patients, I stopped by to visit the grandchildren. Teddy the two year old was in the tub and sick and vomiting. His sister had tried to help him and she was gagging along with their mother. I cleaned him up and got him settled while his mother and sister were trying to not add to the mess I had found.
Based on past experience, I'll be taking care of myself should I end up with this bug. I'm hoping it's only a 24 hr. thing. i can make it alone that long!

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