Monday, September 10, 2012

Allergies, Summer cold?

At first I thought my eye sight might be going. I tried reading what I normally can see without a pair of glasses perched on my nose and the print was blurred. Rubbing my eyes and squinting did not help. Add to that the "break the sound barrier" sneezes and the dripping nose, I believe I either have a summer cold or allergies.

I suppose I could be developing an allergic reaction to whatever may be blooming at this time of year but chances are, all those sniffling little kids at the elementary school where Carrie goes everyday and are afflicted with the same symptoms are simply dealing with a little summer cold. I want to climb back into bed again and sleep the day away. That's how I handled yesterday; dosing and watching television. I had high plans for today. The weather has cooled down and I do not want to spend the day indoors.

I've finished cleaning my car from engine to trunk; a job I do thoroughly once a year and in cool weather. There is plenty more I could be doing but right now I think I'll just go stretch out on the bed with the remote control in hand and see where that takes me. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to those other outdoor chores.

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