Sunday, September 16, 2012

Silver, Silver and More Silver

I maintained a head of deep brown hair until a few years ago. Those few silver strands started appearing and soon I was a follower of Lady Clairol. We got along fine until more silver started appearing. Soon it was a major pain to have to do the roots first, leave on for 15 minutes and then drag the color through to the ends and hopefully it would all blend correctly.
It never really looked right after that. Taking a deep breath, I decided to let "it" grow out and grow out it did. The first thing I needed was a hair cut to get as much of the old color off as possible. I opted for a "just below the ears" cut which left some of the caramel color on the remaining three inches of length. Every 4 weeks, I would appear at the friendly hair cutters when she would clip another inch off and today I was back again to get clipped.
I now have a head full of silver/blended hair with the very front part of it mostly silver. As I was arriving at this color, I kept telling myself I could always color it if I didn't like it. The gradual change let me have time to adapt to it. I find that being free of the "root" watch is very liberating. Who was I fooling anyway? It's time for me to have silver hair. I saw a lady politician, who must have been in her early seventies, on the television a few days ago. I won't mention her name but she had hair dyed a deep rich brown that she should have let go about 20 yrs ago. It just didn't match the rest of her looks.
Having said all this, I could be in the chair next week getting a blond highlight done to this silver.
I'm grateful that it isn't a "grey" but a shiny silver. I sorta like it!

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